Good Shepherd Pre School was born with the desire to cultivate all the necessary life skills during the earliest phases of childhood. Good Shepherd Pre School started its journey on 22nd Feb'1998 with just five students in attendance and presently has a vast experience to take responsibility of holistic development of more than 400 students. The school is equipped with modernized multisensory teaching aids to develop all skills in toddlers and children.

Vision & Mission

We at Good Shepherd have a firm conviction that a childs mind is like soft clay and can be moulded at this tender age. Our mission is to target at creating wholesome personalities to enable them to be successful in every sphere of life.

Patience Perseverance and Progress

Aims &Objective

To make education a co-existing friend in the life of standards.
To satisfy and stimulate childs urge to explore the event and channelizing his or her unknown capacities to excellence.
To develop good habits, social manners and etiquettes among children.
To enlarge the mental horizons and broaden the outlook of the children


Teamwork always scores over individual efforts. We honestly believe that Perfect team = Right set of individuals and the right person for the right job. The staff members are carefully selected as per their abilities to make the little ones feel loved and comfortable as well as challenged in fun and creative way. Hugging the children is a priority among the dedicated, caring and nurturing professional staff members who were selected for their diverse abilities.



School is comprised by air conditioned and well ventilated classrooms. Every class is organized by a capable class teacher assisted by a maid. Class learning is exciting and attractive with colorful ambience, created through colorful walls that have cartoon characters and story scenes beautifully painted on them. Comfortable designer furniture is available in every class to magnetize a child towards classrooms. Teachers apply their creativity and innovative ideas in all the interior decoration of the class. Star performers photos are well framed in each of the class to enhance childs motivation.


Our library is not only equipped with big encyclopedias, great literature, mythological stories but also with well known novels, we have a huge amount of books including words with which child starts to speak. Our library is full of activity books that help parents and teachers to learn how they can put a deep sense of conceptualization in their child. We have a great stock of cassettes and audio or visual CDs that make childrens learning enjoyable. A large collection of pictures and words encourage children to understand and explore the colors of the world.

Play Room:

Our play room is a place where of various activities to enhance childs intellectual, motor and cognitive development. We have a big collection of puzzles. Children love the soft toys kept in play room. Teachers teach various concepts like animals, vegetables etc with the help of these soft toys. Lots of group games are played in this play room that makes kids to learn playing in group, sharing things, following rules etc. This is the place where they make initial social contacts of their lives.

Play Ground:

The playground is equipped with various slides, swings and see saws. Riding bikes, tricycle and Humpty Dumpty is the major amusement resource among our students. They develop imaginative and creative skills by making sand castles in a big frog sand box. Big bouncy, rope climbing, balancing bars, basket ball and other sports and games are also there to enhance little ones gross motor skills.


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