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Parenting sessions: BE A PROUD PARENT......

Parenting, even in its finest moments, is hard work. As every child and family is different, they require different parenting resources, new strategies, guidance and interventions. Many times on this parenting journey, parents are proud of their achievements. Other times, even after best parenting we make severe mistakes unknowingly. Our Director Mr. Nikhil R. Shah is a passionate parenting coach and provides individual and group parenting workshops. He is having 18 years rich experience of helping parents having happy and organizied families. Ms. Shalu Chauhan, Principal of Good Shepherd Pre School is a Counselor, Psychologist and Special Educator. She is having a vast 10 years experience in the field of guidance and counseling. Their mission is:

1- To educate parent's about the common behaviours of different age children.

2- Helping parents to improve their relationships with their child.

3- Helping parents to be empowered and confident.

4- Helping parents in early identification of any developmental delays.

5- Helping parents to understand their child's needs and role of a perent.

As we are running a leading playschool since 1998, we have learnt a lot about the mistakes parents generally make that lead to a serious problem. We know that parents mean well and are doing their best with the information they have. Unfortunately, we are not taught how to parent and the children do not come with a parenting manual.

We, at Good Shepherd, vision to help parents to deal with the pressures involved in providing a beautiful childhood to the young ones (starting from the age of 6 months onwards) for the betterment of the society and our little ones. Our parenting experts will help you enhancing your parenting skills and will provide your child a beauiful childhood that he/she deserves.

We are specialized in dealing with Stubbornness, Hyperactivity, Short attention span, Sibling rivalry, Learning problems, Eating habits, Introversion, Destructive behavior, Low confidence etc.


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