Educational Visits:

Educational visits and learning outside is an integral part of the life of Good Shepherd�s students. Educational visits and learning experiences outside the classroom are arranged not only so students learning is benefited but also so that knowledge, understanding and skills can be developed through experience that is not achievable in the classroom.

Competitions & Stage Activities

As the child�s personality is developing it also becomes mandatory to develop a healthy attitude towards winning and losing. To enhance their social and cognitive skills and to build up their confidence and self esteem Good Shepherd organizes stage activities and competitions very frequently. Teachers play a role of motivator and facilitate child�s courage to perform in front of others.

PTM & feedback

To maintain the communication that allows parents and teachers to make plans, set goals, solve problems and look deeply into child�s development and performance A Parent�s Teacher meeting is being organized every month. To keep parents convenience in mind these PTMs held on Saturdays. Except the PTM parents can also take a weekly feedback of the child by meeting the class teacher with a prior appointment or parent�s can also call at school�s number to get a daily feedback of the child.

Day outs

Festival celebration: At Good Shepherd, by celebrating each festival on a large scale with the students and their families we try to inculcate our traditional cultural values in our children. Teachers discuss with the children about why a festival is celebrated, what is its significance and how do we celebrate it helps the children to understand the importance and significance of each festival.


Picnics are always great fun for kids. We organize several local picnics in the entire year; so that children feel good and get an environmental change.


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